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5 Reasons to sell your kitchen

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How to Sell


1. Recycle your kitchen. It makes the purchase of a new kitchen carbon neutral!

2. Earn cash for the sale of your old kitchen, rather than paying for it to go to land fill.

3. Give your kitchen a good home. Your old kitchen could be a good start for others.

4. Because there is a market. We now get over 9000 visits a month of Australians looking for kitchens.

5. Because selling your kitchen is not as hard as you think. People are generally very respectful and appreciative in their dealings with sellers.

If you want to find out more about our advertising packages or our selling fees please CLICK HERE..

We encourage kitchen renovators who would normally dispose of their existing kitchen to list it on our classifieds website. Be amazed at how many people are looking for a second hand kitchen!


Take photos and reduce them in size for the web, to help show the kitchen. Please save in a JPG format, under 250KB in size, otherwise you will have trouble completing your listing. Ensure you have at least one photo showing the whole kitchen.

If you don't know how to reduce the size of your photo's, please complete your listing without loading them. Email your photo's to sales@secondhandkitchens.com.au and we will load them for you.

Include overall sizes of the kitchen, including bench height and kitchen height. Refer to the "Examples of kitchen shapes" tab on the home page. (Eg: A = 3500mm and B = 2100mm)

Include information on the kitchen finishes and colors. Do the best you can when describing your kitchen. *

List your kitchen for a fair price. You can always change the price at any time.

Note a date of when the kitchen will be ready for pick up.

Remember that you can modify your advert at any time after listing.

Please read the "Recommended Terms"and"Frequently asked questions" tabs on the home page to understand the recommended selling process and to identify commom scams.

*People are always recommended to inspect the kitchen prior to purchasing should you be unsure on the information you give.

If you have any questions please contact us.