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We are encouraging renovators who would normally dispose of their existing used kitchen to list it on our classifieds website. We ask them to include as much information as possible to ensure prospective buyers can do as much research as possible prior to having to go and inspect the kitchen they are interested in.

BUYERS WE NEED YOUR HELP!: We are trying to convince sellers that there is a large market for their used kitchen and that we want them to sell it rather than throw it in the tip. Please vote in the poll on the home page, so we can show how many buyers there are.


Most Important- Please read the "Recommended terms" and "Frequently asked questions" tabs, in the navigation block to the left, to understand the recommended selling process.

When considering a used kitchen, remember that you can always reconfigure a kitchen to meet your needs. You may purchase and remove a whole kitchen but only use 75% of the kitchen cabinets. You may also just end up using the cabinets but purchase a new countertop to suit.

Second hand kitchen cabinets present great value, particularly when they include appliances.

Ensure you have help when removing a kitchen as granite counter tops and pantry cupboards can be heavy and awkward to carry.

We always recommend you inspect a kitchen prior to purchasing.

Second hand kitchens are popular and always have a deadline to be removed as a new kitchen is normally on the way, so if you are interested in a kitchen, contact the owner and make an offer!

We recommend you read our Recommended Terms page to get an idea on how we recommend the buying process should work. Click Here...

Please keep in mind that Sellers sometimes get contacted by Scammers when they list their kitchen or appliance for sale. We recommend you register on our site to be able to contact sellers in a more secure way. Register Here...

If you have any questions please contact us.