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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions when buying or selling used kitchen cabinets or kitchen appliances on Second Hand Kitchens:

Are my used kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances really worth selling? There are lots of people out there who are willing and able to make use of a second hand kitchen and save a huge amount of money from buying a new one. Recycling old kitchen cabinets gives them a new home rather than just throwing them out.

How long does a listing to sell my kitchen last? A standard listing to sell your old kitchen will last 30 days. However you can select an option to have your listing last as long as you need. Refer to the "How to Sell" tab on the home page. People who have placed an ad will automatically be asked by email if they wish to extend when their listing is coming to an end, should they need more time.

What payment do you accept? PayPal, Electronic Funds Transfer (Bank Transfer) or you can post a cheque.

What terms do you recommend for a private sale? Please look in the "Recommended Terms" tab on the home page.

Who disconnects the plumbing and electrical? ? The person selling the kitchen would normally disconnect all plumbing and electrical. It is always best to ensure this is discussed prior to agreeing to a price and arranging the removal of the old kitchen.

Who removes the old kitchen? ? The person who purchases the kitchen normally would be responsible for dismantling and transporting the old kitchen.

How do I ensure the kitchen is in good condition or what I want? We always recommend that you inspect a kitchen prior to purchasing. There is absolutely no warranty on the appliances if they are given to you with the kitchen and even if they work in the existing kitchen, there is no guarantee they will work as well when relocated.

How can I ensure I purchase the kitchen first? First in, first served! We would always recommend a kitchen be inspected prior to purchasing, however the first person to agree to the price and pay a deposit will ensure the kitchen doesn't go to someone else.

Should I dismantle the kitchen before people see it? Your best chance to sell a second hand kitchen is to take photos when it is still assembled. People will not be able to visualize the old kitchen if it just a pile of old boxes. However a kitchen that is already dismantled makes it easier for the purchaser to remove.

Do you have someone to recommend installing a used kitchen I have purchased? If you are considering purchasing an old kitchen, only do so if you are a handy carpenter or you know one. You may find it difficult to employ a kitchen fitter to do the installation for you.

What if I can’t find a kitchen that fits my room? When considering used kitchen cabinets, remember you can modify the kitchen to suit your room. Even if you have to purchase a new countertop, second hand kitchen cabinets present great value for someone who can think outside the square.

Do you buy second hand kitchens? No, we are only a classifieds website.

What details should I include when selling an old kitchen? Answer every question asked when loading an advertisement and answer them truthfully, as best you know. People also want to know sizes as well as materials and colours. Use the "Example of kitchen shapes" tab on the home page to help describe what the size of the kitchen is. People also want to know when it will be available for pick up.

How can I ensure I only have genuine people contacting me about my kitchen? The more information you include when loading the kitchen the more genuine the inquiry. Have extra photos available and cabinet sizes if possible as people may call and ask for extra information to try to work out if they can use your old kitchen prior to having to visit your home to inspect.

How do I know if the buyer is trying to scam me? It is always best to meet a person prior to selling your kitchen. There have been people who have purchased a kitchen site unseen, however if the call is from overseas or you are unable to contact the person by phone, then make no further contact with them. Click this link to get more details on common Scams

How much are used kitchens worth? It depends on how big and old the kitchen is and whether it includes appliances. It also depends on if you want a quick sale or not. Search our “Recently Sold Kitchens” category on the home page to get an idea of what kitchens have been sold for in the past.

Why would lots of people be viewing my listing, but no one is making contact with me? Please check your contact details first, including your email address. Mostly it has to do with your listing price being too high. Consider lowering your price, you can do this at any time.